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Discover what SSL certificates are

An SSL certificate is a security protocol that makes the data of your website travel in an integral and secure way, that is, the transfer of information between a server and the user is fully encrypted.

We explain ... The information contained is protected by a system of keys that are only identifiable between the user who navigates and the server. It is a way to tell the user of your website that it is authentic, real and reliable.

¿How does web hosting work?

When a user enters a web address in the search engine generates a connection between the device or the computer and the web server, it is at this time that the company gives its client a small part of the hard disk space it has in its server, with the intention is that the client can publish their website there, giving the client a certain freedom to manage this space in their own way.

We currently live in the era of information technology in which web users or e-commerce customers need to trust for the transactions they make over the internet. That is why they look for websites that generate reliability, security and authenticity, based on these characteristics there are certain factors that provide an SSL Certificate that are taken into account by people to choose a website:

  • Contains digital keys that protect your data when sending and receiving.
  • Create a unique encryption for private sessions over the internet.
  • Ensures the transmission of financial information of an electronic commerce, providing privacy to customers. An SSL certificate implements the preferred security system model on the web.

For this and more, you need an SSL certificate for YOUR Web!

If your customers perform financial transactions through your website, if your website handles confidential data of your customers, if it includes identity numbers, social security and email addresses, there is no doubt that you need an SSL certificate.

Because the security, protection and privacy of your clients and members of your company occupies the first place in your list of priorities.

We increase the security of your website by offering SSL Certificates, protecting all the data that interacts between your page and the server against any possibility of theft of the information contained therein.

We offer different options, packages and promotions of SSL certificates, granting greater confidence, guarantee and authenticity. We are the seal that informs its clients that they are on a secure website, certified by a provider of digital security services on the Internet.

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