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Web design is an activity that consists of planning, creating and designing web pages, which can determine to what extent a web is quality in the eyes of search engines, is currently a potential discipline and a tenacious tool within of any company, since in this age of the internet it is essential for public recognition to publicize business services through the web and owning a Professional Web Design is crucial at this point.

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Web Design offers users an assertive, imposing and attractive experience when moving through a page on the Internet. It is he who transmits the image, the brand and the message of the company, at the same time that it generates credibility about the commitment due to the excellence that accredits its workers, as well as stamps the good experience of its clients.

Being this a trained tool to address the concerns of the public, thus helping in the presence, positioning and greater scope that a company can achieve in recognition, development and growth.

9 phases that make Web Design Professional

  • Planning: Through a business study a map is made of the services offered by the company and its strengths to attract customers, it is based on these services that the structuring of the business website is planned.

  • Content Structuring: A proper structuring of content is essential to keep the reader within the web page, ie the content must be strategically organized and be meaningful to capture the customer.

  • Design: Nothing draws more attention to a web page than an innovative, attractive and impactful design that brings interest to the user. To do this, web systems that draw attention with vibrant colors, letters, symbols, images and disturbing contents must be developed.

  • Creation: After the planning and the presentation of a striking design, the website is created and this is where all the business features that will provide the user with the knowledge about the company, products and services offered by the organization are included. to the client.

  • Maintenance: A web page company not only offers its clients the creation of the web page, but also undertakes to carry out its due web maintenance, verification of possible failures and to make recent updates of the company, maintaining its active service with the client.

  • Usability: Provide the customer with useful content, services and products that are offered throughout their browsing on the website, giving them advantages, excellence and comparisons with the competition in other companies.

  • Navigability: Just as there are attractive things, there are others that simply generate disinterest even before entering a web, one of them is wanting to enter the page and it is extremely slow to load, that is why you should create a page optimized web that achieves that the user arrives, stays and feels satisfied when interacting in the diverse options that the web page has to present the services of the company.

  • Rebound rate: The above points are those that generate a bounce rate, since if the structuring of the content is poor, the unattractive design and the use and navigability generate apathy in the user, it will not give him any interest to remain Within the web page, you will immediately go in search of something that captures your attention and maintains it.

  • Positioning: It is already publicly known that most Internet users, after completing the search, prefer the first results of the list of the same and enter them, to ensure that your web page is in the first results of the search. The search lists are currently using different textwriting and structuring techniques that make the web reach these positions.
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