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You need to know the Hosting Services that Exposistemas offers for your website.

Because information technology through the Internet has become one of the main means of disseminating information content, people, institutions, companies, organizations and corporations are opting to have their own web pages. Given this cause they need to upload or publish the corresponding files to their websites, so they need to have their hosting service or their own server on the internet.

In this way we will define the hosting as the service in which a company offers the physical space for its customers to store the data of their website, so that they always appear online.

How do web hosting work?

When a user enters a web address in the search engine generates a connection between the device or computer and the web server, it is at this moment that the service that a company offers when a client contracts a hosting account, the company in This moment gives your client a small part of the hard disk space that he has on his server, with the intention that the client can publish his website there, giving the client a certain freedom to manage this space in his own way.

Advantages of hiring a Hosting Service for Websites with Exposistemas

  • Easy Management: It is not necessary that you have advanced knowledge since this service provides you an easy management of the applications through control panels or private access of clients where you will have total control of your files and services.

  • Economic price: It is the cheapest service, where you can start with the development of your website at an affordable price by hiring what you need.

  • Scalable: The Web Hosting service allows you to start with a basic plan and scale according to your needs. If it is a new project you will not have to hire a plan with many resources, as your project grows you can choose to contract other plans. In addition, some of the companies that provide these services allow you to host more than one website in your hosting plan depending on the disk space, monthly transfer and resources assigned to your contracted plan.

  • Technical support: The companies that provide hosting services offer a technical service for the management of your web hosting service, emails and domains. In addition, some offer support on the applications of their servers.

  • Server management and maintenance: You do not have to worry, since your hosting provider, as a web services company, should be responsible for keeping the server updated and updated.

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A Web Services Provider Company is not only a Web Site Hosting Provider

We provide Web Services that are within your reach, not only we offer the hosting service for web pages, but also we offer packages that accompany this service with others:

  • Registration and transfer of domains: The domain is the name that identifies your website and consists of two parts: the name and the extension. If you want to create your own website, you will have to choose a domain name that identifies you, register it and do not forget its annual renewal to prevent hackers from accessing it. If you already have a domain in property, you should know that your hosting company gives you the option to transfer it from them to another provider and vice versa.
  • Email service: If you have the need to create your website and you are also interested in having a professional email, you will need two things: a domain and a mail service. The mail service is a space where you store your emails, allowing you to download them to your computer and also offers the possibility of accessing your email from any computer, through an online application, this is known as webmail.
  • SSL security certificates: A security certificate shows users of your website that it is safe to browse, leave personal information or make purchases. They include the domain name, the expiration date of the certificate and information about the authority responsible for having issued it. When a browser connects to a secure site, it retrieves the SSL certificate from the site and checks that everything is correct.
  • SEO Tools: Did you know that most Internet users access one of the first 3 results of the search engine list? It is therefore important that your page is well positioned, for this you must take care of the SEO of your website since this is what will help you to position better, increase the visibility in search engines and get more traffic to your website.
  • Backup and backups: made with the intention that the client's information is always backed up, ensuring the functioning of the system if an unusual situation occurs and they send you a notification so that you know first hand that something has happened in your web.

Currently, searches on the Internet are predominant, so you need the hosting service of the websites of your property and we will not disappoint you, in Exposistemas we offer the best packages of web services.